Optimizing for sales Growth for e-commerce Sellers

nFinance is helping you generate #amazon #primeday #sales #Growth for all the Amazon sellers. As an eCommerce seller, you are never too late to grow your sales.

How can you OPTIMIZE Sales with Product and inventory Optimization?

Each item you currently sell needs to be examined with regard to past sales information and trends in customer desire. Then, prior to each Sales Season, invest in ramping up the inventory. The marketplace listing for the product should be updated often with pertinent keyword updates. To list the product, try using both formal and informal terms.

So how does nFinance can help me to scale up inventory & smooth cash flow?

We at nFinance provide invoice financing so that you can buy goods from your suppliers more quickly and expand your business smoothly. Instead of waiting 14 days for Amazon to pay you, nFinance pays up to 70% of the gross invoice value, starting from the date of sale on your Amazon marketplace. Best news is we are not limited to Amazon, we also support Walmart, The Home Depot, Wayfair, Macy’s Houzz too.

Get funded with invoice factoring from nFinance. As an e-Commerce Seller you get paid faster for you invoices.

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