Sales Growth for e-commerce Sellers

As an eCommerce seller, you are never too late to grow your sales. That is why nFinance is launching the eCommerce Sales growth OSBEA™ Framework for sellers to grow the sales on the upcoming #amazon #primeday #sales. With years of research conducted on the sales performance, we identified that some of the eCommerce sellers’ bag larger sales volume compared to the competition. While nFinance helps you on invoice factoring on the scaling up of the inventory, our OSBEA framework will surely help the eCommerce sellers to support Sales Growth this Season onward.

What is nFinance OSBEATM Framework?

It is an easy to use Business framework simplifying the supply chain and marketing funnel of an eCommerce Seller to achieve recurring sales growth.


How can you OPTIMIZE Sales?

Each product which you are already selling needs to be analyzed with previous sales data and trending demand for those products. Then invest in scaling up of the inventory prior to every Sales Season. The product listing should be continuously updated with relevant key words and updated on the marketplace. Use both formal & informal keywords to list the product.


Why Set Deals?

Consumers love to have discounts! While you have standard rates in the market, keep your consumers connecting with you by providing attractive deals & discounts.


Is Bundling Necessary?

When searching for product purchasing, consumers prefer bundled offers as it makes their life easier if you have provided valuable bundled offers across your product SKUs. If your Bundled offers are great, you will make them return to your store very frequently


How can I Engage with my buyers?

Make sure your social media and SEO strategy for the product marketing is supported with adequate market push provided via paid marketing support on Social Media & Platform advertising. Investing a portion of the product budget on paid ads is also a way to connect with your most potential buyers.


Why and what to Analyze?

Everything is working well, or nothing is working at all! Either way, definitely, you should analyze what is going on with your product listings, sales analytics, incoming sales & social media presence are among the key areas. Conduct A/B testing and then repeat the cycle towards optimizing.


So how does nFinance can help me to scale up inventory & smooth cash flow?

Instead of waiting 14 days for Amazon to pay you, nFinance pays up to 70% of the gross invoice value, from the date of sale on your Amazon marketplace, we at nFinance provide invoice financing for you to purchase products faster from your suppliers & grow your business smoothly.

Best news is we are not limited to Amazon, we also support Walmart, The Home Depot, Wayfair, Macy’s Houzz too.

Get funded with invoice factoring from nFinance. As an e-Commerce Seller you get paid faster for you invoices. For registrations simply write to