Lending for eCommerce became easier and faster

e-Commerce sellers can avoid long waiting periods for marketplace payouts and get paid faster for invoices. Small invoice size? No Problem, connect to get early access.

Funding to grow your eCommerce business

Daily working capital funding to support the expansion of your online sales. Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot, Macy’s, and other major online retailers are among the 15+ big box stores that we offer daily payouts for eCommerce Sellers.

Large eCommerce Platforms & Partner network

nFinance provides Lending Underwriting and Fund disbursement platform for Banking, Finance and Lending companies in order to provide daily marketplace payouts for eCommerce sellers across 15+ multiple online big box retailer platforms.

nFinance Advantages

Daily working capital financing to help your eCommerce business expand. We provide daily payouts from over 15 big-box online stores, including Amazon, Walmart, The Home Depot, Houzz, Macy’s, and many others.

Faster and easy process

Quickly sign up for our platform, have your account verified, and use our ecommerce invoice factoring services to get daily working capital funding.

Supports multi platforms

We can connect with your current eCommerce Seller accounts on 15+ eCommerce platforms. This way you get the benefitted by working with us to get funded on a daily basis, while growing up your sales on multiple Online Big Box Retailer eCommerce platforms or marketplaces.

Worldwide fund transfer

With the help of our network of global payment processing partners & banks receiving funding in your local bank account is not a problem.

Credit approved on seller performance

Depending on your performance, connect your seller accounts to receive funding.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Easiest way to get funding for the e-commerce sellers whoar are

selling at multiple online big box retailers

nFinance is not a bank or a financial company, nFinance is a fintech, providing supply chain financing, by offering invoice factoring to merchants who are currently actively selling on eCommerce Big Box Marketplaces.
No, what nFinance provides an eCommerce Seller is not a loan. What we provide is an eCommerce invoice factoring service.
In the United States, nFinance is offered on more than 15 distinct eCommerce Big Box retail marketplaces, including Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, The Home Depot, Houzz, and Macy's. As an online Seller, you must already be selling your goods in the USA eCommerce market space in order to qualify for invoice financing.

Ecommerce Sellers are eligible to register as nFinance sellers if they have been selling on retail big box ecommerce marketplaces for the last six to nine months and are in good standing. Minimum average monthly sales should exceed $5,000.

Yes, a seller can get invoice factoring from nFinance, but they need to have sales data from their performance over the last 6–9 months. As an online merchant, you must already be selling your goods in the USA market in order to qualify for invoice financing.
Through the nFinance Seller Portal, nFinance has all of your Seller-side funding related information listed and updated on a daily basis.
nFinance Seller Portal can be used to view the nFinance's daily invoice factoring services. Through the nFinance Seller Portal, you will be able to see information about Available Funds, Fund transfers, marketplace payments, Support tickets and requests.
We understand there may be a number of refunds due to returns of goods in the marketplaces, which is why we only advance up to 70% of your daily sales value rather than 100%. While refunds are permitted, we make an effort to minimize the number of times you will be required to reimburse us. In this manner, you have a reasonable buffer of 30% to effectively manage the refunds.
Your connection and transaction history may be taken into account when determining whether to raise the current financing percentage limit as long as you continue to maintain a sustainable transaction average over time.

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Easiest way to get funding for the e-commerce sellers who are

selling at multiple online big box retailers